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Welcome to Altiora!

Altiora petamus - To strive for loftier things.

Hello and welcome to Altiora!  As our tag line states, let us strive for loftier things.  Whether you are a new member or a battled hardened veteran of WoW this is the place for you.  Before you sign up for the guild you need to ask yourself these questsions. 

1.  Do I have something I would like to achieve in WoW?
  • Do you need to get to level 80?  
  • Have you reached the top but still need better gear?  
  • Do your skills/professions need to improve?
  • Are you ready for the Heroics?
  • You name it, we can do it together. 
2. Are  you willing to help others?
This is the single most important quality of our guild. You should have the drive and desire to help others accomplish their goals.  We are a team and we operate as a team.

3. Do you want to have fun? 
We all want to achieve certain things in life and of course in this game but let's have fun along the way.  

If you are interested in joining a fun, family friendly guild then just ask one of the officers for an invite. 

Happy Horde Hunting!


Other Guild News

New Level 80's

Rabur, Feb 3, 09 2:51 PM.

Give a big pat on the back to Maltavius, Libidinous and Yabe on reaching level 80!

50/50 Guild Lottery Announced

Rabur, Feb 3, 09 2:32 PM.
This months lottery will be a 50/50 split the pot.  50% to the winner and 50% to the guild bank.  We need another tab and folks have been using GB for repair.  Tickets are 1g each and you can buy a max of 10 tickets.  Just send money to Zollenar or Raburbanks. 

Remember, the more people who play, means the more we can pay!

Happy Horde Hunting!


Kwadzknight wins lottery - Goes to Disney

Rabur, Feb 3, 09 2:30 PM.
Congratulations to Kwadzknight for winning the Januay Guild Lottery.  Kwaz won 217g and said he was taking the family to Disney!  WOOT

New Ranks Announced

Rabur, Nov 25, 08 7:15 AM.
Hello Everyone!

New ranks have been created.  They are:

Guild Master
Assistant GM

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